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500W automobile Power Inverter

500W automobile Power Inverter

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Instructions for 24V 500W Car Power Inverter:
Working condition:
Put the product in the dry, ventilated and cool place. Keep the product away from water or rain.
Working(operating) temperature: 14°F-140°F ( -10℃--+60℃)

How to use:
1. Turn off the inverter switching. Insert the inverter cigar head into cigarette lighter socket of car. Please ensure that the inverter cigar head is connected well.

2. Please ensure that the electric appliance power is below nominal power of the power inverter. Insert the 220V plug of electric appliance into power inverter 220V socket. (While using the inverter in car, the output power can not be more than 300W. Please use battery clip to connect the battery. Also ensure the wire diameter of connector wire is not less than 62.)
Then turn on change-over switch. If the green indicator light is lit, it shows that the power inverter works well. If the red indicator light is lit, check power inverter protection due to overvoltage, low-voltage, overload or over-temperature.

3. The cooling fan will work automatically when the inverter output power is more than 60W. If less 60W, the cooling fan will not work.

4. If the anode and cathode random connection of inverter appears, the inverter will not work normally. At this time, please remove the fuse. Displace it with another fuse. Then the inverter can work normally.

5. Technical parameters:
Input Voltage: 21V-29VDC
Output Voltage: 200V-235VAC
Frequency: 50±2 Hz
Waveform: Square Wave
Fuse: 40A
Undervoltage alarm: 20V
Overvoltage alarm: 30V
No-load current: 0.3A
Maximum power: 460W
Peak power: 1000W
Protection temperature: 167°F (75℃)

6. Power Inverter Dimensions: 172*90.5*55mm
Net weight: 800g
Packing Box Dimensions: 202*140*71mm

7. Packing Carton Dimensions: 630*420*300mm

8.Packing quantity: 36pcs

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