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Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine

Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine

Business Information

  • Price : $6 USD
  • Min. Order : 30 pcs
  • FOB Port : guangzhou
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 30/box
  • Supply Capability : 1000pcs/week
  • Delivery Time : 7 days
  • Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine
  • Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine
  • Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine
  • Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine
  • Hot products coin acceptor for igt slot machine

Product Features

The diameter of the coin:20mm~28mm
The thickness of the coin:1.2mm~3.0mm

                              What is the Feature of our SR-1213?                      



Name coin acceptor
accept coin number

Every time can only accept a coin

Working temperature -15℃~+75℃
The diameter of the coin 19mm~28mm
The thickness of the coin 1.2mm~3.0mm
Working current 40mA±5%
Working voltage DC+12V±20%
Warranty period 1 year
Material Science


weight  0.281KG













Intelligent CPU programmable coin acceptor 

Products functions and features :

1.Intelligent CPU control, accurate score, coin recognition accuracy is very high.

2.Anti shock and electromagnetic interference program unique.

3.Unique anti electromagnetic interference, power on self test tone.

4.Turning device, completely solve the currency and coin card plugging.

5.The coin recognition signal output normally open and normally closed switch

6.I allow the connection time. Timing controller.

7.Ad hoc precision / normal file, pay more smoothly.

8.Apply to all tokens.

9.Convenient installation.

10.1 years of quality assurance.


The use of the product:


1.Please compare coil clamp is arranged in the groove to use coins.


2.With the main board, COIN switching polarity switch (SW2), general computer board turn lamp use normally closed file (N.C.), the other computer board with normally open (N.O.).


3.With the motherboard, COIN switching time switch (SW3): quick shift (20MS), medium (40ms) for general machine, gear (60ms) suitable for entertainment. 


4.The VR knob is the coin sensitivity adjustment knob clockwise screening, adjust the selected currency loose, counterclockwise to adjust the selected money is tight, do not need to be adjusted, the factory has been adjusted to fit. 


5.If money is not too smooth, the precision of switch (SW1) pulling the normal file, or adjust the VR knob clockwise along the accuracy. 


6.The coin is energized the magnet will be issued "a ticking sound," said reset the machine, enter the normal working state, if there is no "tick tock" sound or two "tick tock" sound or continuous buzzer alarm, said a fault.



Structural components of product description (as shown in the following table and chart):






Common fault: (the following table)





Why choose us:


1. Quality guaranteed:


Special supervision team to control quality


All the products will be inspected carefully before delivery


2. quality and finish time guaranteed, Deliver the goods  accredit to negotiation or within 7 days after we get your payment.


3. Competitive price with high quality.


4. After service guarantee, Assure you the best services at all times.


5. OEM & ODM available; Large quantities of the same specifications, quality standards, the time control is our strength.


6. Favorable and professional shipping,Worldwide shipping available

Product Specifications

single cigarette vending machine Coin Acceptor in a box,30pcs to a carton(or can be packed according to the customer's requirement)

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