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YCL-630A full-automatic centrifugal casting machine with three mould-heads

YCL-630A full-automatic centrifugal casting machine with three mould-heads

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Product Features

1. The only fully automatic centrifugal casting machine. (patented product)
2. The built-in furnace, cooling fan, cooling system, accelerate the film cooling speed, improve the service life of the film, to ensure product quality.
3. Can be automatic detection system: can automatically detect whether the film into the tray area, no mold automatic skip, go to the next action, automatic identification parameters.
4. Independent pressure automatically adjust the conversion system, ABS film unit, ensure smooth running of the mould, automatic injection material, combined with the die casting machine structure, heating section, rapid prototyping, centrifugal smoothly, to ensure product quality.
5. Can memory as many as 10 groups casting parameters at the same time, each die can be set up independent speed, time, pressure, vacuum, injection parameters such as material capacity.
6. Full automatic control, saving the cost of production, save time and effort, to improve the production efficiency, unique automatic injection material control valve, precise control of the weight of each set of products, reduce the loss of materials, reduce material waste, using a special note of material pipe, guarantee the materials in the process of injection material temperature, effectively reduces the material by oxidation, prevent the oxidation of the alloy layer into the mold, improve the brightness of the product, product precision to 0.1 grams.
7. Automatic induction device, suitable for continuous operation for a long time a day.
8. Centrifugal continuous variable speed (you can take a minute for the unit's speed within the range 0 to 2000 RPM)
9. It adopts PLC touch screen, sensors and other automated electrical accessories, has simple operation, operation stability is good.
10. Used in zinc alloy, lead alloy, zinc magnesium alloy, tin alloy ornaments, handicrafts and centrifugal casting, especially high precision or large glossy green molding zinc alloy products.

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