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mmo wire titanium anode for cathodic protection

mmo wire titanium anode for cathodic protection

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wire anode
MMO titanium wire anode for cathodic protection(ICCP)
The mixed metal oxides titanium anode are on the titanium substrate through a process thermal-decomposition, creating an oxide coating of the platinum group metals.
Titanium wire ,up to standard ASTM B348 Grade1or Grade 2
Coating types
IrO2-RuO2-TiO2-X(sea water), TrO2-TaO5-X(soil), Pt/Ti, Nb, Ta(sea water)
Diameter(mm):φ1.5mm/φ3.0mm or customized
Length(m):300m or customized
Current Output: 328mA/m / 656mA/m or customized
Expected life:20 years or customized
◎Canistered anodes corrosion control
◎Continuous horizontal ground bed cathodic protection
◎Discontinuous vertical ground bed cathodic protection
◎Above ground storage ntanks corrosion control
◎Underground storage tanks anti-corrosion
◎Electrical cable shielding cathodic protection
◎Water storage tanks corrosion control
◎Water treatment equipment cathodic protection
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Elade is a professional titanium anode manufacture for 9 years,with rich experience in CP system ,and our titanium anode with NACE certificate,?quality-guaranteed ,Price competitive ,and sales very good worldwide.
If you are interested,please contact me anytime,product catalog,best price and free samples will be sent to you.
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