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Mineral Insulated Thermocouples for measuring testing

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples for measuring testing

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Product Features

Thermocouple is the common temperature measurer used in temperature measuring instrument.
It measure temperature directly and transfers temperature signals into a thermoelectric one.
The appearance of all kinds of thermocouple is often due to the need, but their basic structure is roughly same. It usually composes of hot electrode, insulation sleeve, connection box, display meter, recording meter and electronic regulator.

1. Simple assembly and easy to change;
2. Reed thermal components, good seismic performance;
3. High precision measurement;
4. Large measuring range (200°C--1300°C, 270°C--2800°C under special circumstances ).
5. Fast heat response time;
6. High mechanical strength and good compression performance;
7. High temperature can reach 2800 degrees;
8. Long service life.
9.There are three types:J,K and E.

Advantages of our thermocouples
1. High measurement precision. It won’t be affected by intermediate medium for its direct contact with the object being measured.
2. Wide measuring range. From 50 degrees - 1600 degrees below zero.
3. Simple structure and easy to use. Thermocouple is usually composed of two different kinds of metal wire, but is not limited by the size and the beginning end, outside has protective casing, which are very convenient.
4.Rapid heating up and long service life.

1. Durable in use and professional in quality;
2. One year quality guarantee and we can produce according to you requirement.

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