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OPzS Battery series(2V)

OPzS Battery series(2V)

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Product Features

OPzS Battery series(2V)
Characteristic description
1. Application fields
Solar/wind energy storage system;
complementary solar/wind grid connected energy storage system;
Standby power supply for power station, nuclear power plant; petrochemical industry and marine;
Standby power supply for signal and communication system of telecommunications
, internet, railway, and airport, etc;
Ocean signal and the beacon communication board, switching station;
Motive power source for electric forklift, electric pallet truck, electric stacker, electric tricycles, golf cars, tourism cars, patrol cars and mini trucks, etc.
2. Executive standards
3. Construction features
Plate: The positive is tubular plate; it can effectively prevent the shedding of active material. Positive grid is casted by multiplex alloy. Alloy microstructure is of fine grains and dense, good corrosion resistance, long cycle life. The negative is pasted plate, grid structure is radial, which improve active material utilization and large current discharge capacity, charge acceptance.
Separator: the composite separator has more storage space for electrolyte, improve the diffusion velocity of electrolyte, reduce the internal resistance greatly, prevent short circuit after deep discharge.
Case: made of transparent AB material, which is of corrosion resistance, high strength, beautiful appearance, the internal structure and state can be observed directly.
Terminal sealing: the embedded cooper terminals are of good current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. The unique double sealed structure can avoid the leakage, ensure the sealing reliability.
Valve: using a special funnel-shaped acid-proofing bolt, with the acid mist filtering and flame retardant function, benefit for direct measurement of electrolyte density and temperature, which is of safety and easy maintenance.

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