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Hydrocarbon Resins

Hydrocarbon Resins

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Product Features

GRETACK GM-115 is a water–white partially hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin with the characteristics of low melt-viscosity and narrow molecular weight distribution with excellent thermal stability, low odor, and water-soluble polymers like EVA, SIS, SBS, and APAO. It is primarily used in hot-melt adhesives (HMA), hot melt adhesives for hygiene products (HMPSA)..

Key Characteristics:
Colorless and transparent.
Odorless and low volatility
Excellent heat stability
Excellent compatibility with various polymers
Well-balance adhesive properties, including tack, adhesion and cohesion.

Property Typical Value Test Method
Softening Point (Ring & Ball, oC) 115 ASTM E 28
Color (50% Toluene Solution, HAZEN)

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