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C5 Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins

C5 Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins

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PRETACK PA-95 is an aromatic modified C5 hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight distribution. It is odor improved grade with low odor, low wax cloud point. Its specific degree of modification provides an excellent compatibility with SIS, SBS, and EVA polymers. It has low aromatic content, especially suitable for application in SIS system Adhesives.

Key Characteristics:
‧ Good compatibility with SIS, SBS, EVA and other polymers
‧ Low Wax Cloud Point
‧ Good thermal resistance
‧ Low VOC and low odor
‧ An optimal tack / cohesion balance in SIS-based HMPSA.
‧ Suitable for the manufacturing of high quality HM OPP tapes
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Typical Properties
Property Test method Unit Typical value
Color (50% resin solid in Toluene) (ASTM D1544) Ga # Max5#
Softening point (Ring & Ball) (ASTM E28) ℃ 92-96
Melt viscosity(175℃) (ASTM D3236) mPa‧s Max 350
Wax Cloud Point (EVA/Resin/Wax=20/40/40) (ETM 22-10) ℃ Max 105
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) midpoint ℃ 47
Acid value (ASTM D974) mgKOH/g Max 0.30
Specific gravity ,@25℃ (ASTM D71) 20/20℃ 0.92-0.99
Note: EVA=Vinyl acetate content of 27.5%(wt), Wax=Paraffin wax at 68℃ melt point.

HMPSA, Solvent based PSA, Hot Melt Adhesive, Sealants.

PA-95 is available in 25kgs paper bag or 500kgs/1000kgs in bulk bag.
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Inside storage is recommended and keep at temperature not exceeding 30oC. Pelletized forms of resins may block or lump in hot weather climates or if stored near heat sources. Resins are

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