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ferro silicon alloy

ferro silicon alloy

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silicon ferroalloy is a kind of ferroalloy which is composed of Fe and silicon. Low silicon ferroalloy uses coke, quartz (or silica) as raw materials and is made by electric furnace. Because silicon and oxygen are easily compound into SiO2, the ferrosilicon is often used as deoxidizer in steelmaking.
Because the silicon is easy to combine with oxygen to form silicon dioxide, so time of ferrosilicon is often used in steelmaking deoxidizer, because of SiO2 is generated at the same time gives off a lot of heat, at the same time of DNA, to improve the temperature of molten steel is also good. Ferrosilicon, meanwhile, also can be used as an alloy element joining agent, widely used in low alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel,silicon in the ferroalloy production and chemical industry, commonly used as a reducing agent.
1. Regular products packing with 1000 kg composite woven bags outside for each ton.
2. Special product package with moisture barrier bag.
3. Package with customers' requirement, single packing also can be adjusted according to the size of converter molten pool.
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