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Fuel additive oil save 20~60% fuel reduce 75~90% air pollution

Fuel additive oil save 20~60% fuel reduce 75~90% air pollution

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  • Fuel additive oil save 20~60% fuel reduce 75~90% air pollution

Product Features

Super Nano Universal King Oil(UKO)
Except Suzuki Motors the four-wheel drive-4 wheel drive (4WD) can not have good fuel efficient. The use of Super Nano UKO and SNT fuel-saving tablets have a very good effect. In addition to the Super Nano UKO can be added to gasoline and diesel tanks to do fuel-saving , they also can be added into the engine, gearbox and power steering wheel as a lubricant.
Super Nano Universal King Oil (UKO) uses advanced vegetable oil or mineral oil as carrier, and uses the most advanced space science and technology to introduce super space energy into rare-precious metals and minerals such as titanium, platinum and palladium. When UKO (0.03 to 0.05%) enters the fuel (gasoline/diesel/heavy oil), which generates a strong kinetic energy and rapidly spreads, decomposes the fuel molecules into non-divisible nano-molecules, and promotes complete combustion of the fuel. Increase horsepower, reduce air pollution, save fuel, protect engine, increase speed, extend car life, etc.

The six functions of UKO:
‧Increase horsepower more than 10~30%.
‧Reduce air pollution emissions by more than 90%.
‧Save Fuel more than 20~60%.
‧Protection Engine Class A.
‧Increase speed 20~40%.
‧Increase life 30%.
In addition, UKO has a super-lubricant, anti-wear function, which can also be added to oil (motor oil), transmission oil, or power steering oil, which doubles its lubricity and eliminates noise and knocking of various components.

How to use UKO:
1. Every 50-60 liters of gasoline/diesel/heavy oil is injected into the UKO-vial (10-15 cc) before or after refueling. When the fuel refueling volume is less than 50L (liters), it will be reduced in proportion (gasoline vehicles may be reduced to half-use). The first few buckets of oil can be added by the user at the beginning to increase the number of additional vials, in order to speed up the engine carbon deposition and achieve the fuel saving effect in advance.
2. After using the UKO for a period of time, the e

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