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Rocker Switch with Waterproof Cover and Silver Copper Alloy Contact

Rocker Switch with Waterproof Cover and Silver Copper Alloy Contact

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Product Features

1.Double pole rocker switches up to 20A 125V AC, illuminated ornon-lighted, splash-proof cover 16A, 125/250V AC, 1/4hp (UL and CSANRTL/C)
2.16A, 125/250V AC, 65oC (UL/CUL) on-off-on
3.20A, 125V AC, 3/4hp, 250V AC (UL)
4.20A, 125V AC/16A, 250V AC, 3/4hp, 125/250V AC, T105(UL/CUL)
5.16(4) 250V to T125 1E4, 10(2)A 250V to 5E4 (VDE, SEMKO, DEMKO,NEMKO, FIMKO, SEV, and ENEC)
6.16A (8), 250V to T125 (VDE and ENEC)
7.16A (4), 250V to T125 1E4 (CQC)
8.10A (2), 250V to T125 5E4 (CQC)
9.Initial contact resistance: 20m ohms maximum
10.Insulation resistance: 100M ohms min, at 500V DC
11.Dielectric strength: 1,000V AC for 1 minute
12.Electrical life:
13.16(4) A 250V AC: 10,000 cycles
14.10(2) A 250V AC: 50,000 cycles
15.Temperature range: -20 to 125 degree Celsius
16.Switch for class II appliances
17.Base: nylon 66, UL rated: 94V-2 min
18.Actuator: nylon 66/PC, UL rated 94V-2 min
19.Spring: piano wire
20.Contacts: silver copper alloy
21.Terminals: silver copper alloy
22.Lamp: neon for AC, tungsten bulb for DC

Lead Time:20 days
Payment Terms:T/T
Country of Origin:China (mainland)

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