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LP  Series Intelligent Static Phase Advancers

LP Series Intelligent Static Phase Advancers

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LP Series Intelligent Static Phase Advancers are a new kind of reactive power compensating devices that are designed and manufactured for increasing the power factor of large- and medium-sized winding asynchronous motors. They can increase the power factor of asynchronous motors to approximate 1, and reduce the current of stator by about 20 percent. Their properties are better than that of traditional capacitor and rotary phase advancers.

The compensation made by a capacitor connected in parallel to a motor stator can only compensate the reaction power of the motor; it cannot improve the operation condition of the motor itself. When a phase advancer is connected in series to the rotor of a motor, the current of the motor on its stator side will be decreased by a big margin, the power factor will be increased considerably, temperature rise of the motor will be decreased, the efficiency and overload capacity will be increased by a certain margin. Therefore, there is an essential difference between the compensation made by a phase advancer and that made by a capacitor connected in parallel to motor stator.
Phase advancers, a combination of machinery technology and electrical technology in 1990's, are a new kind of ideal product to replace inductive rotary phase advancers. Static phase advancers have thoroughly overcome the drawbacks of inductive rotary ones, whose "Commutator" structure is of such drawbacks, namely, damage caused by dust damage, short service life, frequent maintenance, cost high, less variety, and difficulty in achieving the best result in matching motor. On the contrary, the static phase advancers have such characteristics as convenient parameters adjustment, no damages caused by dust, long service life, easy maintenance and low cost.

The phase advancers manufactured by our company have overcome some critical drawbacks in design of the same kind made in China (such as temperature rise of phase advancer when operating under int

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