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RXQ Series Liquid Resistance Electirc Automatic Energy Saving Soft Starter

RXQ Series Liquid Resistance Electirc Automatic Energy Saving Soft Starter

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Product Features

RXQ 6.6kv liquid resistance electirc automatic energy saving soft starter

PXQ series of liquid resistance starter

Range of application
It is applicable to the heavy load smooth soft starting of coiling AC asynchronous motor that is of three phase AC 50Hz, rated operation voltage of 380V~10kV, rated power of 75Kw~10000kW, especially in industrial and mining establishments with unstable or low voltage.

Operating principle

Special made electrolyte is put in the rotor loop of the controlled coil motor as the resistor, and by adjusting the density of the electrolyte and the distance between the two plate electrodes to ensure that the input resistance can meet the requirements of the motor's mechanic characteristics in the starting process, so as to make the motor rise speed equally with maximun starting torque and minimum starting current, and to make a smooth starting. When starting is over, the electric switch shorts the rotor loop.

Main performance characteristics
Soft starting, small starting current: Iq?1.3Ie(A);
Reduces motor starting temperature rise, effectively lengthened the motor's service life;
Smooth starting, no shock to the mechanic equipments;
Can make continuous starting for 5~10 times, starting performance is better than frequency sensitive starter;
Low requirement for the power grid, no harmonic wave to affect the power grid;
Structure is reliable, simple, convenient for installation and maintenance;
Good uniformity, applicable to coiling motor soft starting under any load situation, specially suitable for heavy load starting;
Has multiple protection functions like starting overtime, over stroke and over temperature;
When used in the northern cold area, the equipments are equipped with the self-heating function.

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