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SLQ Low Voltage Squirrel Cage Type Motor Soft Starter Panel

SLQ Low Voltage Squirrel Cage Type Motor Soft Starter Panel

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Working Principle
The controlled motor of rotor loop in series with the three-phase liquid resistance, fluid resistance with starting motor and automatic input, resistance will be stepless reduced within predetermined time, close to zero automatic excision, thus motor terminal voltage rising, torque step up gradually, and no impact start-up smoothly.

1. The device has a small start-up current and constant, and gradually increase the torque Characteristics of the start-up, start-up performance is better than starting reactor;
2. On the impact of small power grids to ensure reliable operation of power grids;
3. Starting current rated current of about 1.5 to 3.5 times;
4. May be two or three times in a row;
5. A smooth start-up, the mechanical stress the impact of small, effective protection of the motor and transmission machinery.

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