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TBB Series of High Voltage Reactive Power Local Compensator

TBB Series of High Voltage Reactive Power Local Compensator

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Product Features

TBB series of high voltage reactive power local compensator
It applicable for three phase current 3kV, 6kV, 10kV high-power high-tension motor inductive load reactive power local compensation, increase of power factor, reduce line loss, save energy, steady voltage, to improve the quality of power grid.

Working principle

Inductive load, always have certain resistance (such as motor coil of DC resistance, etc), and therefore equivalent to inductance L and resistance R series circuit. The capacitor is in parallel on inductive load L, can compensate reactive power, improve power factor. And it is installed in the nearby inductive load (such as asynchronous motor, etc. ), the way of reactive power compensation on the spot, called local compensation.

Main Characteristics
1. Using import and domestic high quality three phase high voltage power capacitor, high reliability, long operating life and low running temperature;
2. It can be improved power factor around 0.95, bring down reactive power loss, has evident effect for power conservation;
3. Improve power quality, transformer load factor and electrical equipment efficiency;
4. Use high voltage spray type or current-limiting fuse as short-circuit protection to ensure safe running of the equipment;
5. High discharge inception voltage, after breaking away from the power of device, residual voltage will down below 50V within five minutes;
6. It is parallel running combined with host machine, synchro cast cut, no operational unit, safety in use, and simple maintenance.

Product Specifications

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