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Quality Rustic Flower Pot Outdoor Decor

Quality Rustic Flower Pot Outdoor Decor

Business Information

  • Price : $33 USD
  • Min. Order : 100
  • FOB Port : Ho Chi Minh
  • Made In : Vietnam(VN)
  • Supply Capability : 20 Forty-Foot Container per Month
  • Delivery Time : 30 - 60

Product Features

Outdoor plant, garden decor


Quality Rustic Flower Pot Outdoor Decor (HPHP014)

Material:Black Clay

Set of 6 – Dimension

(cm)                                              (inch)

a. L53 x W53 x H48                        a. L21 x W21 x H19

b. L43 x W43 x H38                        b. L16 x W16 x H15

c. L33 x W33 x H28                        c. L13 x W13 x H11

d. L25 x W25 x H23                        d. L10 x W10 x H9

e. L15 x W15 x H15                        e. L6 x W6 x H4

f. L10 x W10 x H10                          f. L4 x W4 x H4

Packing: 16 sets/pallet

Packing size:

  • L110 x W110 x H210 (cm)

Loadability/40′: 320 sets

Hoang Pottery is a reliable destination for your pottery supply. We specialize in providing Sandblasted Pot which always make sure products quality for customers.

The clay used in manufacturing is collected from rivers banks in Southern Vietnam. After to be shaped, dried, and burnt in very high fire, products will be extremely hard and durable. The color depend on the location that the pot is placed in the kiln during firing. The last step is products selection, defective products will be left out and the other is perfect product. it takes a lot of time to make a finished product and requires potters meticulosity to have the best products for customers.

Black Clay is a dark, thick, strong and frost_proof mattrial found in Vietnam. It’s dark color gives it a rustic look that fits in almost any setting and allows the greens of the plants growing up it. Black clay pottery is most often found in natural environment and popular in mountainous and desert regions.

The most important created our prestige is quality and guarantee. When working with our sale team, you can totally trust about products quality. Price can be negotiated but quality is not, we have only one quality – the best quality for our customers.

We always ready to serve with the most reasonable prices that bring to customer satisfied. One of the most important things of us is delivery on time. And the most flexible term of payment that our Company has the obligation to offer.

Hoang Pottery always put product quality and guarantee on the top that allowing us to maintain a durable relationship with our customers.

“Put your feet in their shoes” This is our working way that we always apply working with customers.

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