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Abrasive grade bauxite

Abrasive grade bauxite

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Product Features

Abrasive grade bauxite, the calcined bauxite for abrasive, the most important raw material of BFA(brown fused alumina). Sinocean abrasive bauxite owns excellent genes for kinds of abrasive materials, high content in Al2O3(87%), low Fe2O3(2.0%max), low SiO2(around 5.0%), TiO2(2.5%-4.0%), perfect chemical composition for abrasive

 Specification for Abrasive grade bauxite:

 Item name SNA-83SNA-85 SNA-87 
 Al2O3 83.0%min 85.0%min 87.0%min
 SiO2 7.5%-9.0% 5.6%-7.5% 3.0%-5.6%
 Fe2O3 2.5%max 2.0%max 1.6%max
 TiO2 4.2%max 4.0%max 3.6%max
 CaO 0.8%max 0.6%max 0.5%max
 Na2O+K2O 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.5%max
 CaO+MgO 1.0%max 0.8%max 0.8%max
 Moisture 0.05%max 0.04%max 0.03%max
 LOI 0.5%max 0.4%max 0.4%max
 Bulk density 2.70gm/cc 2.75gm/cc 2.80gm/cc
 Grain size 0-50mm 0-50mm 0-50mm
 Package Jumbo bag Jumbo bag Jumbo bag
 Shipment By sea By sea By sea



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