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best buy colloidal silica sol for polishing

best buy colloidal silica sol for polishing

Business Information

  • Price : $500 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,,,,CCC,,,,,CSA,
  • FOB Port : guangzhou
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Polyethylene buckets
  • Supply Capability : month for 3000 tons
  • Delivery Time : 15 days

Product Features

1, silicon sol with larger adsorption: colloidal silica in the countless micelle of numerous network structure of pore, under certain conditions has a certain adsorption of inorganic and organic compounds.?
2, colloidal silica has a larger specific surface area, specific surface area is 250300 square/g.
3, silicon sol has good cohesiveness: because of the micelle size uniform, and around 1020 nm, its dry produce certain bonding strength, but strength is small.Put some kind of fiber or granular materials such as silicon sol, and then drying curing can into hard gel structure and generates larger adhesion (usually around 46.7 Kg/cm2).
4, silicon sol has good temperature resistance
5, silicon sol has good hydrophilicity and abhorred oily: can be diluted with distilled water to arbitrary concentration, and with the increase of the degree of dilution stability enhancement.But with organic or in a variety of metal ions, and can produce hydrophobic nature.?
6, silicon sol is "highly decentralized" "good abrasion resistance and good" light "and so on.Therefore, can be used as a good "dispersants" "preservative" "flocculant" coolant "and" special "optical materials" and so on.

 1, used in precision casting industry: instead of silicate ethyl ester, non-toxic;Not only can reduce cost, used to make spare parts, high dimension accuracy, good casting finish, can make the shell mold strength is big, modelling is better than using sodium silicate quality;High temperature resistant coatings for mold, can make the coating has good heat resistance, reduce the heat loss of molten metal and mould and help release.

2, used in paint industry, can make the paint and firm, with a waterproof, fireproof, pollution resistance, high temperature resistant, coating strength, colour and lustre is gorgeous, do not fade, etc.Can also be applied to acid and alkali resistant, fireproof coating and coating of far infrared radiation.
3, binder applied to refractory: has the advantages of high bonding strength, high temperature resistant.
4, applied to textile industry: can be used for textile sizing agent, reducing end breakage rate;Used in textile dyeing, because has the caking property, fluid can form a good protection, increase the adhesion dyeing and so on.
5, application in paper industry: as sensitive paper treatment agent, cellophane anti-sticking agent, other office paper after processing, can improve the printing effect, make the color more bright.
6, the application in catalyst: in catalyst production, under certain conditions, as to accelerate the speed of catalytic carrier, in order to improve production efficiency.

7 and oil: in the aromatic hydrocarbon in the production of silicone monomer as catalyst, to improve the aromatics recovery has opened up a new way, in the oil industry, made from silica sol binder and catalyst.
8, the application of the battery: lead-acid battery electrolyte sulfuric acid, in turn easy to overflow, the motor vehicles to add a certain amount of sulfuric acid silica sol, gel, can prevent the sulfuric acid leaching splash and overflow, and can prolong the service life of the battery.

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Product Specifications

1, under the same temperature, humidity, compared with general silicon sol, boring time can be cut by more than 30%, greatly shortening the period of shell making, improve the capacity.
The outstanding characteristics of table
2, the goods now to improve the function of film toughness and smearing, dry quickly, improve the slurry on surface crack, casting fins, rat tail, such as faults, improve the quality of the goods.
3, shell mold high wet strength, low residual strength, easy exuviate, improve product yield.
Product appearance: milky white liquid
Packing: 25 KG/barrel, 250 KG/barrel or 1000 KG/barrel
Transport storage: avoid cold and the sun to be basked in long straight

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