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Fiber Optic Gyroscope Vg103ln

Fiber Optic Gyroscope Vg103ln

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  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope Vg103ln

Product Features

Fiber optic gyroscope VG103LN - the model equipped with a brighter light source and longer length of fiber sensing coil. The capacity of heat sink is increased to meet SLD power dissipation. The measures bring to the sensor 4 times lower noise. For highly precise angular stabilization systems. The sensor has about 1kHz? operating bandwidth and about 20ms start-up time. Optional blue light diode indicates power-on state.
1.Ω - sensing axis, 90°± 1° to the reference plane
2.Dissipation - 1 W
3.Weight - 60 gram ( 80 gram max )
4.Volume - 0.07 litre
5.Housing material - plastic
6.Tolerances per ISO 2768-m
7.Ingress protection class - IP67
MAIN PARAMETERS ( typical values )
?Rate range ?????????????????????150 deg/s
?Scale Factor (SF)??????????? 12 mV/deg/s
?Frequency range?????????????0... 1 kHz
?Angle random walk ???????0.01 deg/√h (2.5 μV/√Hz)
?Bias stability, RMS??????????2 deg/h?
?SF stability, RMS?????????????0.03 %
Readiness time???????????????0.02 s?
?Temperature operating? ????????-40°C ... +70°C
?Temperature endurance? ??????-55°C... +85°C
?????? ?Vibration, RMS?????????????????? 18g, 20Hz...2kHz
??????? Shocks? ???????????????????????????????350g, 1 ms
??????? Acceleration? ???????????????????????5g
?MTBF ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????60000 hours (20o ?, predicted)
?Lifetime (predicted) ????????????????????????????????????????15 years
?Precision class - 4?
?Estimated for low humidity
?Operating temperature - temperature of built-in temperature sensor?
?Endurance temperature - environment temperature. Sensor is turned off.
1. Do not deform housing
2. Fragile components inside - no shocks, no drop
3. It is recommended to use 2 diagonal screws with elastic washers for mounting
4. Treat as electrostatic sensitive unit
5. Is designed to be mounted inside water protected equipment
6. Increa

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