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power station turbine drive full welded ball valve

power station turbine drive full welded ball valve

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  • power station turbine drive full welded ball valve

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Product overview
Because of the seat is made of carbide fluoro of seal ring and disc springs, so that it adaptable to changes in pressure and temperature, the annotation of pressure and temperature range will not produce any drainage and smooth.
1. The body is composed of steel pipe welding.
2. The stem adopt explosion proof design.
3 .The ball pad the reinforced ptfe.
4. Drive mode: manual or turbine drive.
5. The temperature range: 60-200 ℃
6. Test standard: Api 598
All welded ball valve, there won't be the phenomenon such as external leakage.
Sphere with advanced computer processing detector tracking detection, so the sphere of high machining accuracy.
Because the body material as pipe material, won't appear uneven stress, also won't because of the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground deformation, occurs when pipe ageing resistance.
Sealing ring ontology with 25% content of Carbon (Carbon) RPTFE material, guarantee completely without leakage (0%).
Directly buried type welded ball valve can be directly buried underground, need not build high large valve well, only need to set up small shallow Wells on the ground, greatly reduce the construction cost and project time.
Can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pipeline construction and design, the length of the body and the height of the valve stem.
Sphere of machining accuracy is very precise and convenient operation, no harmful interference.
Adopting advanced raw materials, to keep PN25 more pressure.
Compared with similar industry of the same specification products, the body is small, and beautiful.
The normal operation of the valve, use cases, the service life of over 15 years.
City gas: gas output pipeline, trunk and the regional supply, etc.
Central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, trunk and feeder.
Heat exchangers, piping and the opening and closing of each circuit.
Steel mills: all kinds of fluid pipes, exhaust pipes, gas and heat supply pipeline,

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