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Forged steel power station globe valve SDFJ61Y-P61-F91

Forged steel power station globe valve SDFJ61Y-P61-F91

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  • Forged steel power station globe valve SDFJ61Y-P61-F91

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Product overview
Product introduction:
Globe?valve is closed.?(disc) along the valve seat centerline mobile.According to this mobile form of disc, seat and disc change in his itinerary directly proportional relationship.
Due to open or close the valve stem travel relatively short, and very reliable cutting function, and due to the change of his seat and disc stroke proportional relationship, is very suitable for the traffic regulation.Therefore, this type of valve is well suited for use as cut off or adjust and throttling.
Selection principle:
1, high temperature and high pressure medium or device appropriate chooses cut-off valve.Such as power plants, nuclear power stations, petrochemical system of high temperature and high pressure piping.
2, convection resistance is relaxed on the pipeline on the pipeline.Thinking about small place of pressure loss.?
3, small valve can choose needle valve, instrument valve, the sampling valve, pressure gauge valve, etc.
4, there is flow control or pressure adjustment, but the adjustment accuracy is not high, and pipe diameter and the relatively small, such as nominal drift diameter of 50 mm or less piping, appropriate chooses.?

5, synthetic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer in the industrial production appropriate chooses 16 mpa or PN320 PN160 nominal pressure, nominal pressure, nominal pressure of 32 mpa pressure Angle globe valve or high pressure Angle throttle valves.?
6, desilication in bayer process of alumina production workshop, easy to coking on the pipeline, easy to choose seat can be separated type, body place, carbide seal once-through cut-off valve or once-through throttle valve.?
7 on the water supply, heating, urban construction engineering, nominal menstruation smaller pipe, can be used as, balancing valve or plunger valve, the pipeline such as nominal drift diameter less than 150 mm.
The main advantages:
The most obvious advantage is: in the process of opening and closing, due to the friction between the disc i

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