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AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

Business Information

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  • AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

Product Features

Onick AM-999 is a 12 million pixel with wireless transmission and control function (can send pictures to the designated mobile phone or mailbox) built-in 2 inch color display of the infrared sensor trigger camera. By using the induction technology of heat release sensor and human body, the high definition picture and high definition video. Thousands of miles away can instantly view camera to shoot photos, camera undetected animals (body) in state of energy saving, power consumption is only 300 microamps can be a long time in the state of alert, 8 AA alkaline batteries using the longest 6 month standby time. Once the animal (human body) into the detection area, the camera function will immediately start (start time for 0.8-1 seconds), take photos or videos. Each machine has its own infrared lighting, special LED 940nm lights can be in full black night not to emit infrared light to shoot high-definition black-and-white images or video, while the light enough to take color photos or video.

First, product characteristics:
1 has a 12 million pixel CMOS chip, high image quality.
2. With wireless transmission and control function, through the 4G, 3G, GSM / GPRS can the monitoring shoot the picture with MMS or email is sent to the user, can save a lot of time, don't make install or SD card.
3 camouflage design shell, equipped with LED 940nM lights, the night started not light, more subtle.
4 use the 8 section five alkaline battery for 6 months the longest standby time.
5 high strength waterproof dustproof anti-corrosion protection, can be applied to tropical rain forests and alpine upland field occasions.
6 after long-term test and improvement of the rain forest alpine region, the performance is stable and reliable, the manufacturing process is mature, and the instrument has been used for a long time to reach -40.

Two, product parameters
Image sensor: CMOS sensor
Pixel: 12 million
Mode: take pictures, take pictures, take pictures, 3 modes are optional.
Lens: automatic con

Product Specifications

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