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NVG-S night vision instrument

NVG-S night vision instrument

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  • NVG-S night vision instrument

Product Features

The best choice for the liberation of the night hiking
Even smaller and lighter

Onick European owl night vision instrument NVG-S Thessaloniki, mini class high-end monocular goggles is a smaller, lighter weight, higher resolution. Applicable to individual combat helmet, can assisted walking at night driving at night, etc.. Single eye design allows users to have a strong global control in the dark, better respond to unexpected situations. In military observation, frontier defense, public security investigation is widely used inspection, surveillance, customs narcotics, anti smuggling, navigation and other dark environment.

First, product features:
1, the volume is small, the weight is light, the resolution is high
2, strong light protection, easy to operate
3, waterproof, anti-corrosion, dust, anti high and low temperature
4, built-in infrared auxiliary lighting
5, by connecting the bridge can be two units of the synthesis of binocular
6, advanced optical system, long distance observation
7, through the audio adapter adapter ring can be connected to the CCD, digital cameras, mobile phones, video recorders, cameras, etc.
8, one year warranty, life-long maintenance

Application: can be used for military, border and coastal surveillance, remote monitoring, customs narcotics, anti smuggling, widely used in outdoor adventure, hunting, field investigation and evidence collection, forestry, wildlife and other dark bright environments.

Two, product parameters:
Image intensifier level: high performance of the two generation
Magnification: 1x/3x/5x
Field of view: 40 degrees /13 degrees /18
Observation distance: 220m~800m
Resolution: lp/mm 57-72 battle series
Signal to noise ratio: 21-25 battle series
Eyepiece diopter adjustment: + 5
Lens adjustment range: 0.25- ~ m
Outline dimension: 122*42*62mm
Weight: 300g/740g
Supply voltage: 2.8 + 0.8V
Battery type: 3.6 section 1 volt lithium battery (CR123)
Continuous working hours (hours): 80 (infrared auxiliary light source off)
40 (i

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