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led display for Variable Speed Limited Sign

led display for Variable Speed Limited Sign

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1 m2
  • Certificate : CE,,,,,,,RoHS,
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Supply Capability : 3000 m2
  • led display for Variable Speed Limited Sign

Product Features

Variable Speed Limited Sign(VSLS)
VS Series
Australian Variable Speed Limit Sign
Variable Speed Limited Sign(VSLS) Australian Standard AS4852.2-2009
Red (Annulus) / White (Matrix)
Safe, Reliable and Stable
High intensity LEDs
Lower Power Consumption Intelligent Solar & Battery management System
Strong Cooling Device
Easy Control
RS232 Serial Direct Connection
GPRS (Remote Control)
Optional Industry PC

  Variable Speed Limited Sign(VSLS)

VS Series

Australian Variable Speed Limit Sign

Variable Speed Limited Sign(VSLS) Australian Standard AS4852.2-2009

Red (Annulus) / White (Matrix)

Safe, Reliable and Stable

High intensity LEDs

Lower Power Consumption Intelligent Solar & Battery management System

Strong Cooling Device

Easy Control

RS232 Serial Direct Connection

GPRS (Remote Control)

Optional Industry PC

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