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3-phase ac motor controller

3-phase ac motor controller

Business Information

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  • 3-phase ac motor controller
  • 3-phase ac motor controller
  • 3-phase ac motor controller
  • 3-phase ac motor controller
  • 3-phase ac motor controller

Product Features

2016 new developed multi-functional motor controller.
1. Internal thyristor SCR controlling.
2. Simple distribution: Circuit Breaker-Our Contactor-Motor
3. Can substitute all electromagnetic contactor without any load selection.
4. Single product can control motor forward and reverse.
5. Both capacitive and conductive load can be controlled.
6. Real time display the current and voltage value.
7. Maintenance-free, convenient for your operation.
8. Long use life can save your much cost.

 Brief Description:

JNTJ series of motor multi-functional controller (hereinafter referred to as multi-controller) is our latest type of motor contactless controlling products with multi-purpose which designed according to the electrical control industry and the actual needs of crane industry.

JNTJ series of multi-controllers adopt power electronics technology, with intelligenceno-sparkstrong anti-interference abilitylong-life and other charactoristics. Especially suitable for  harsh working condition and frequent movement of electrical control systems

JNTJ series of multi-controllers apply to three-phase electric control circuit and the motor CW/CCW rotation control circuit with AC voltages is less than 500V, frequency range 45Hz~250Hz. This series have the protection of overcurrentovervoltageundervoltage less phaseload imbalanceoverheating and other intelligent detection, fault alarm and regulation function, can substitute the electromagnet contactor equipped with all kinds of  protection device, which without any load selection.


1. Real-time voltage, current display.

2. Overvoltage overcurrent undervoltage and alarm.

 3. Overcurrent protection delaying is adjustable.

4. Maintenance time set alarm when ex-works, maintenance-free intermediate.

5. Internal MTC control, no arcing when it is on-off, with good electromagnetic compatibility.

6.Wide voltage design, the action time and sensitivity will not be affected due to power fluctuation.

7. On-off frequency is up to 50 times per second, no mechanical vibration, long use life, high reliability.

8. LED show on panel, watch easily and directly.  

9. Intelligent air cooling, it can still work when ambient temperature is up to 55 centi-degree.

Product Specifications

2.echnical Specifications:
Load voltage range: 5-500VAC, (the voltage range can be set according to need).
Controlling input voltage: 220VAC or 380VAC (according to the specific model)
Breakover voltage drop: ?2VAC
Zero cross-over voltage: ?±2V
Protection class: IP20
Internal relay output capacity: 220VAC/5A
Overheat automatic shutoff temperature: 85℃
Cooling fan start temperature: ?25℃
Protection delayer setting range: 0~999.9seconds

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