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Anti-parasite drug

Anti-parasite drug

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  • Anti-parasite drug

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Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium Soluble Powder

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Insecticide class medicine
[Main ingredients]: Sulfachloropyrazine sodium, TMP, dicynone

1. Sulfachloropyrazine sodium belongs to sulfa drugs, and competitive inhibition of dihydrofolate PABA synthase, dihydrofolate hinder the synthesis and ultimately affect the nucleoprotein synthesis, inhibition of growth and reproduction of coccidia. Major role in the second generation schizonts coccidia of the first generation schizonts also inhibited. Peak effect on the fourth day after infection. FDA should not affect the host immunity against coccidiosis. Against fowl cholera, typhoid also have a certain effect. This product is rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract after oral administration of 3-4-hour plasma concentration peak, and rapidly excreted in the urine.

2. Dicynone can increase platelet production, enhance its aggregation and adhesion, the release of active substances to promote clotting, reduce blood clotting time to achieve hemostasis. There is increased capillary toughness, reducing its permeability effect. Used to control bleeding after surgery and vascular factors. Treated animals when used for coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bloody stools, a bleeding effect.

3. Import mucosal repair factor quickly repair damaged intestinal mucosa cells to restore normal physiological function, greatly improving the efficiency of feed utilization.

The main treatment chickens, ducks, rabbits acute cecal coccidiosis infection, manifested as death quickly, pulling blood stools, anemia, pale body, necropsy cecal enlargement, wall thickening, intestinal contents were blood clot, blood samples, tofu slag-like material, the body tissues and organs anemia.

The Honchi bottle of watered 100L or spices 50Kg, concentrated dosage to use throughout the day, 3-5 days for treatment, rabbit Oral: dubbed in 10% aqueous solution, per 1kg of b

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