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Grammy Health international, Inc.
  • Target Markets: Due to medical aesthetic market is gradually growing to be huge business marketing worldwide. The development of cosmetic products has become a very important way to satisfy customers’ requests. After the aesthetic customers complete their treatments, like laser, ultrasound lifting, acid treatments, and so on, they require the cosmetic products for repairing their damage skin. Louvier’s cosmetic products combo offer those customers’ demands. Ani-aging, moisturizing, sensitive skin, the protect after burn of laser are the priory of what Louvier requires. In short, Louvier is a brand, which is created for aesthetic and medical customers.
  • Business Type: Buying agent
  • Established date: 2000.9.
Louvier sensitive mask 20

Louvier sensitive mask 20

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Product Features

This silk mask help to fresh skin smooth, soft and elastic .
And it contains highly moisturizing ingredients and a lot of active ingredients. The hypoallergenic concept, to use of patented micro-emulsion, solve the underlying skin depth skin dry, dull, yellowed, uneven skin tone and other issues. Effectively prevent the skin due to UV damage caused by extrinsic environment, and with a soothing herbal extracts to achieve the composite effect of smoothing the skin, giving the skin supple and elastic, Ying through, let your face feels thin and smooth, elastic skin back to health.

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