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The light/heavy calcium carbonate on sale

The light/heavy calcium carbonate on sale

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  • The light/heavy calcium carbonate on sale

Product Features

1. The light calcium carbonate can be used as a leavening agent, flour treatment agent and anticaking agent, acidity regulator, nutrition enhancer, curing agent, etc. Regulations in China can be used in all kinds of food to add softener and gum rubber base, according to the GMP. Can also be used in flour improver, maximum amount is 0.03%; Powder from 18 to 7.5 g/kg; Soy, 4 ~ 20 g/kg of flour, Soft drinks 0.4 ~ 3.4 g/kg; Lotus root starch 6 ~ 8 g/kg; Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal products 2 ~ 7 g/kg. The FDA (184.1192, 2000) do not restrictive provisions, in accordance with the GMP. When using this product as a leavening agent more used together with other varieties, with sodium bicarbonate, alum, etc by raising agent, when they are heated slowly release carbon dioxide, uniform, fine food of bulk body, can improve the quality of the pastry, bread, biscuits. In addition to strengthen the effect of calcium, calcium carbonate particles the smaller easily absorbed. In Japan, light calcium carbonate used as leavening agent, the dosage was 1% in common food.
2. Used as feed nutrition enhancer.
3. The calcium carbonate whisker was used in the rubber industry and plastic industry, the earliest one of the largest filling agent dosage. In the rubber industry, widely used in rubber hose, rubber sheet, tape, rubber shoes and medical products, good packing is to reduce product cost. In the plastics industry, mainly used for soft PVC compound, plastisol and glass fiber reinforced polyester composites, etc., such as wire skin, artificial leather, and other pressure out of rolled products, general dosage for the 20 or so. Also has a large number of application in plastic materials, such as hard PVC pipe, plate, etc. In addition, this product is widely used in papermaking, coating, printing ink industry, daily chemical products.

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