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Flocking Machine

Flocking Machine

Business Information

  • Price : $927.27 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • FOB Port : 927.27
  • Made In : unknown
  • Packaging : Packaging According to Customer's Request
  • Supply Capability : 10000
  • Flocking Machine
  • Flocking Machine
  • Flocking Machine
  • Flocking Machine

Product Features

Working principle: ?the electrostatic flocking machine is a high voltage generator. The principle of work is that unlike charges attract each other. When the electrostatic flocking machine working, it will produce high pressure, the flock has a negative charge. The body of the workpiece is placed in the zero potential or grounding, and the nap can be absorbed by the substrate vertically on the body. In the matrix before the glue flocking brush, hair will be stuck on the surface of the substrate.
Application: ?flocking machine can be used on various substrates, such as textile, fabric, woven fabric, paper, PVC, sponge, toys, automotive plastic, packing box, giving a flocking decorative and / or functional properties of the surface. The application is to create a wide variety of final products by varying the way the influx of a large number of material surface. The flocking process is used in the retail consumer goods and military use of high-tech products project.

 Using the static pressure of external type, is characterized by high voltage, maomao gush go up a lot

1  Applied fiber: Nylon, Terylene, Poly-acrylic fiber, Vinylon, Carbon fiber ,cotton ,velvety fiber etc.

2 Applied Products: Complicated shaped products such as automotive trims, inside decoration material, car dashboard, car doors, box with deep corners etc.

3 Because of the peferct flocking effect and convenient operation , it's also widely fitted for complete flocking production line.

Our company specializes in production and operation of electrostatic spraying equipment and machine parts (electrostatic sprayer, electrostatic spray, electrostatic spray gun shell, circuit boards, voltage module, stainless steel powder bucket, pink lips, pink pumps, etc. ). Its superior performance, a large and homogeneous powder, dead on the flour yield, the metal powder has good practicability. It is widely used in metal surface treatment industry (such as: Bicycles, cars, motorcycles, appliances, hardware, air conditioning, etc. ).

Our company has always been the spirit of "science and technology innovation, full service" principle, and actively develop new products to meet market demand. I insisted since electrostatic spraying equipment manufacture, installation commissioning and maintenance as an integrated business service model, we sincerely welcome new and old customers come to order.

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