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ONICK   AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

ONICK AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

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  • ONICK   AM-999 wild infrared trigger camera

Product Features

he United States AM-999 Onick is a 12 million pixel with wireless transmission and control function (can send pictures to the designated mobile phone or mailbox) built-in 2 inch color display of the infrared sensor trigger camera. By using the induction technology of heat release sensor and human body, the high definition picture and high definition video. Thousands of miles away can instantly view camera to shoot photos, camera undetected animals (body) in state of energy saving, power consumption is only 300 microamps can be a long time in the state of alert, 8 AA alkaline batteries using the longest 6 month standby time. Once the animal (human body) into the detection area, the camera function will immediately start (start time for 0.8-1 seconds), take photos or videos. Each machine has its own infrared lighting, special LED 940nm lights can be in full black night not to emit infrared light to shoot high-definition black-and-white images or video, while the light enough to take color photos or video.

 First, product characteristics:

1 has a 12 million pixel CMOS chip, high image quality.

2. With wireless transmission and control function, through the 4G, 3G, GSM / GPRS can the monitoring shoot the picture with MMS or email is sent to the user, can save a lot of time, don't make install or SD card.

3 camouflage design shell, equipped with LED 940nM lights, the night started not light, more subtle.

4 use the 8 section five alkaline battery for 6 months the longest standby time.

5 high strength waterproof dustproof anti-corrosion protection, can be applied to tropical rain forests and alpine upland field occasions.


6 after long-term test and improvement of the rain forest alpine region, the performance is stable and reliable, the manufacturing process is mature, and the instrument has been used for a long time to reach -40.

Two, product parameters

Image sensor: CMOS sensor

Pixel: 12 million

Mode: take pictures, take pictures, take pictures, 3 modes are optional.

Lens: automatic control of the day and night infrared lens, F=3.0, lens angle FOV=50 degrees, color black and white automatic conversion

PIR infrared induction angle: 50 degrees -55

Wireless remote transmission function: with picture wireless transmission function, can automatically take pictures through the MMS to send any 4 phone number or 4 electronic mail box. Automatic support for China Mobile Unicom 3G, 4G mobile card, etc.

Wireless remote control function: the use of mobile phones to send the code to the camera phone card, modify the camera settings mode, change the size of the photo video, time interval and PIR or LED light sensitivity, etc.

The unique laser light emitting lamp can emit a laser pointer, which is particularly convenient for the angle position of the front line animal monitoring personnel to install the camera according to the animal moving route.

Daytime: infrared sensor and video camera: the best distance: 1 to 25 meters

Night: infrared sensor and video camera: the best distance: 1 to 20 meters

Picture and video format: JPEG/AVI

Picture resolution: 12MP=4032x3024, 8MP=3264x2448, 5MP = 2560x1920 (JPEG)

Video resolution: 1920*10801280*720640*480 video with sound

Color display screen: 2 inch color display screen

Extended memory: maximum extension to 32G SD card

Induction speed: 0.8-1 seconds

Video length: 10/20/30/60 seconds optional

Time shot delay time can be set to set the interval: 1 minutes -24 hours, can set 3 specific time period to start work

PIR infrared induction shooting can be set the delay interval time: 1 second -60

Shooting: 1-3 optional

Light sensitive condition: no 32 long distance infrared 940nm lights, night shot does not emit light

Infrared sensitivity: selectable (high normal low)

IR LED 940NM lamp brightness adjustment: can be selected (high - normal low)

Pictures or video shows: the temperature, the image of the moon, the individual settings of the camera name or site, accurate camera or camera date, accurate to seconds

Menu language: Chinese

Image color: the color of the day, black and white at night

Timing camera function: on / off (can be spaced 1 minutes -24 hours)

Camera number: you can set the number of digital or English name, the number of the camera management, the photos will show

Password settings: you can choose to use encryption to prevent the camera was stolen after the data is lost or stolen

Playback mode: LCD screen, computer, TV

Product color: ultra small volume, camouflage fan color, hidden strong

Security settings: on Gaikejia lock protection, SD card can not be removed, can be added on the back of the chain, prevent the machine stolen

TV output: PAL / NTSC

Battery: No. 5 sections 4 or 8 AA batteries, 6V DC power input, it is recommended to use:energizer brand disposable ultra long acting lithium battery L91 (AA=5 number) industrial battery casing packaging, highlighting the characteristics: high power, high current, low temperature performance, long storage time, weight is the lightest the ANN can't leakage (internal for volatile solvent) the longest standby up to a year

Solar: 5-12V solar panels (non standard, can buy)

Operating temperature: -40 - 60 degrees C (maximum: -50 - 70 degrees C)

Operating humidity: 5% ~ 90%

Waterproof value: Super waterproof IP66

19CM length of the detachable antenna, easy to carry and install

Equipped with an external controller to facilitate the infrared docking set the parameters

Weight: 0.60KG


Size: mm 130x90x60

Random accessories:Chinese manual, antenna, controller, USB data line, A/V video line, the installation buckle, the certificate of warranty card.

Applicable group and application:

1) ecological research, phenology, environmental protection departments to automatically monitor the timing of camera, such as snow capped mountains, such as the automatic change timing monitoring;

2) plant ecological monitoring automatic timing camera, the observation of plant ecology can be set to take time to take pictures;

3) natural protection areas, Academy of agriculture and forestry, forestry bureau and other units, wild bowling inspection, wetlands, University, Academy of Sciences Institute and the Museum of natural history, Plant Protection Association, animals, the second, scientific researches, animal wildlife conservation units, the survey of animals and plants, ecological monitoring, for study or biodiversity investigation purposes;

4) ecological photography enthusiasts, wildlife conservation volunteer enthusiasts, animals and ecological monitoring or detection field automatic photographing and video, Kirlian photography.

5) hunting enthusiasts for detection and routes are, facilitate better choose the route and the hunting of animals (please comply with the local National Wildlife Protection Law);

6) the nature reserve, forestry units, at the wildlife conservation station, forest public security, forest economic crop place, nursery animal breeding field fish pond orchard anti-theft hunting automatic infrared monitoring;

7) traffic environmental monitoring station, weather bureau automatic monitoring visibility, etc.;

8) public security prison labor management secret reconnaissance, inspection, monitoring, law enforcement forensics;

9) news reporter concealed observation photograph, investigation company, private detective evidence;

10) time lapse photography, supermarket, site, mine, warehouse and other secret surveillance;

11) office, within the family, the secret surveillance and household property anti theft forensics, placed in the indoor and outdoor at any location, or monitoring villa and garden surrounding environment, and general surveillance cameras compared with no need for wiring, more concealment is more convenient to use.


Prohibit illegal use, the consequences of self

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