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Smart Digital Night Vision

Smart Digital Night Vision

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  • Smart Digital Night Vision

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The NV-440D+/650D+/760D+ is a vivid example of successful application of digital technologies in observation optics. Currently this is the ultimate night vision digital device. The NV-440D+/650D+/760D+ features impressive with 4x,6x and 7x magnification, and large viewing range up to 1150 meters.
This is due to a highly sensitive Sony CCD array and new Sum Light tm software technology employed in the device, offering the option of a traditional black and white view for when some light is available, and traditional green illumination for almost to completely dark conditions.
The NV-440D+/650D+/760D+ can surely compete with the Gen.2 in image sharpness and brightness. The image transmitted to the monochrome LCD display is crisp and sharp on the entire field of view. The device is able to capture effectively the light flux of a wide wave range in conditions of natural night illumination. The built-in video output allows transferring of the image to a monitor or a TV set which facilitates long-time stationary viewing, and video recording to external recording devices.
All models feature rugged, weather-resistant housings and integrated accessory rails, letting you easily add a light to dramatically increase viewing range in the day & night use.


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