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Granular Coconut shell activated carbon

Granular Coconut shell activated carbon

Business Information

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  • Granular Coconut shell activated carbon
  • Granular Coconut shell activated carbon
  • Granular Coconut shell activated carbon

Product Features

Production process:
Coconut shell activated carbon choose high quality coconut shell and nut shell as raw material,it is made by the carbonization and activation, superheated steam technology , the appearance is black indefinite from particle.

black, granular. With good abrasion resistance, developed gap, high adsorption properties, high strength, easy regeneration, cheap and so on.

Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and wastewater purification , industrial water purification and gas phase adsorption. Can also be used for industrial gas desulfurization, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying, food preservation, gas masks. The products can more decolorization, purification, cleaning, deodorizing, purifying, recycling and other functions.

Regular size :0.5-1mm,1-2mm,2-4,,4-6mm,6-8mm.

Product Specifications

1, Air purification, such as using activated carbon from the air containing solvent vapors recovered solvents;Use activated carbon filter method to make the air deodorization;Used in gas masks and respirators used industry, in order to defense poison, etc.
2, Sewage farm exhaust adsorption
3, Potable water treatment
4, Power plant water pretreatment
5, Waste water recycling treatment before
6, Biological wastewater treatment
7, Toxic waste water treatment
8, Solvent recovery (because of the activated carbon adsorption of organic solvents)
9, Chemical storage exhaust purification
10, Automobile tail gas purification
11, Gas separation, such as the recovery of benzene from city gas;Recovered from natural gas gasoline, propane and butane;Used for disposal of synthesis gas, such as recovery of hydrocarbons.
12, Liquid phase adsorption, such as using activated carbon adsorption in the sugar industry discolor the sugar solution;Use activated carbon discolor the organic material in chemical industry;Use activated carbon to purify the organic impurities in plating bath, to guarantee the quality of plating surface and used for removing phenol wastewater, etc.

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