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Bumper Beam

Bumper Beam

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  • Bumper Beam

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Crash Management Systems are situated in the front and rear of an automobile.

The most recent fully aluminium systems are based on one (or two) bumper beams, aluminium bumper and two (or four) crash boxes for each CMS, which are designed to be inserted in the main car structure.

The CMS has two purposes: protect the integrity of the automobile in a high-speed crash, and minimize the cost of repairing the car front or rear after a low-speed collision.

The system is critical in making automobiles safer for the driver, passengers and pedestrians in the event of an accident. Furthermore, it reduces vehicle weight by 4-6 kg in the strategically important front and rear areas.
Facts about HAOMEI:

In HaoMei extrusion workshop, there are 26 extrusion presses of international advanced level, of which one set of 4000 tons, one set of 3600 tons, two sets of 2500 tons, five sets of 1800 tons, nine sets of 1250 tons and eight sets of 600 tons. The annual capacity of aluminium profiles is 150,000 tons

HaoMei can produce different series of alloys in architectural, industrial and automotive industry.
We handled more than 100 series and 8000 items. In addition to the 6000 series, we also developed 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000, etc.
With better mechanical properties, these series could easily replace steel components in different industries.

HaoMei Aluminium Co., Ltd. Introduces three powder coating lines from Switzerland, by which the horizontal lines can be switched from powder coating to wet PVDF fluorocarbon painting. The maximum length for horizontal coating is 12 meters. The vertical line is automatically operated and the maximum length is 7 meters. The annual capacity is up to 10,000,000 sqm.

HaoMei has two anodizing lines for surface color-anodizing and one for surface polishing. These lines are capable of surface color-anodizing, surface polishing, cobwebbing and sand blasting, which can not only present a variety of decorative colors

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