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DM Fingerprint Encryption

DM Fingerprint Encryption

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  • DM Fingerprint Encryption

Product Features

1.Use AES256 Encryption with high-speed Recognition

2.Combination of Biometric Technology and secure storage space,via fingerprint authentication,the fingerprint pen drive makes data saved in Secure Sector absolutely security and avoiding vicious access

3.This USB Flash Drive have two sectors,Public Sector and Secure Sector.Anyone can access data in public sector after plug the pen drive into computer.But data in Secure Sector only can be reached and accessed by users who passing the Fingerprint Authentication.

4.You can input 6 fingerprints,1 for administrator and 5 for users

5.We have 32G/64G/128G,the capacity of the two sectors can be distributed by youself and the colour is show as above

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