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Onick scout 7515

Onick scout 7515

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  • Onick scout 7515
  • Onick scout 7515
  • Onick scout 7515

Product Features

Military quality solid and durable to adapt to multiple environments

Onick scout series 8510 and 7515 telescope compass are used dynamic automatic focusing system, replacing the center axis adjusting focus binocular vision links, full compensation, multi coated BAK-4 Porro prism, high light transmittance and high contrast lens to make you more comfortable visual enjoyment.

Built in distance dividing board integrated compass
Onick scout with 8510 military standard ranging reticule, can use the mil calculating target distance and size; at the same time, Onick scout 7515 built-in functions more powerful, integrated with fluorescent lighting and compass to mil ranging unit for the reticle, even in the dim outdoor environment, can also distinguish clear direction or measurement of target azimuth, elevation and distance.

First, product characteristics:
Automatic dynamic focusing system, replacing manual focusing operation link
All multilayer coated BAK-4 ordinary prism, stable imaging, clear color
Long exit pupil, large eyepiece
Army standard compass division board, the calculation of the target density
Using ergonomic design, the mirror body to join the non slip lines, smooth operation

Application: military operations, security police, maritime patrol, outdoor tourism, adventure, sports events, electrical safety inspections, view of the concert, forestry investigation, industrial inspection, archaeology, railway, land resources survey etc.

Two, product parameters:

Main index:

Objective diameter
1000 meters of vision
Exit pupil diameter
Exit pupil distance
Focusing system
Dynamic auto focus
Eye mask structure
Folding rubber
Visual compensation/refraction
Binocle + 5D
Prism type
BAK-4 prism
Lens coating
Multilayer coating
P rotect
Dust, waterproof, anti fog, anti fog
Product performance
Built in distance dividing board
Mechanical compass
Product size
Product weight
Standard accessories

Product Specifications

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