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10000CI Remote Laser Rangefinder

10000CI Remote Laser Rangefinder

Business Information

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  • 10000CI Remote Laser Rangefinder

Product Features

Storage and viewing of measurement data, LCD screen and lighting
No reflection is needed to measure, can set the minimum range channel
Precise calculation of measured data, measurement of fast moving objects
Can set a single or continuous mode of operation, laser statistical data
Military grade high precision remote laser distance measuring instrument
The internal storage of 1000 data as a PC computer

Onick CI series laser range finder can fast measurement, auto focus, data display on the LCD screen on the outside, distance and angle measurement, read data is more intuitive, can accurately calculate the average value and powerful data storage function. Wide range of functions, compact size, easy to carry, easy to operate. It is widely used in rivers, waterways, benchmarking, telecom, cable, geological survey, weather, airport, forests and other industries.

First, product characteristics:
Can be set to the minimum range of channels to provide precision calculation of the data value of the measurement accuracy of up to 0.5 meters.
Do not need to reflect the high accuracy of remote measurement of the farthest 10000 meters.
Can store and view measurement data, laser statistical data
Can set a single or continuous mode of operation, with the LCD screen and lighting function.
With standard RS232 serial port, but also can be equipped with Bluetooth and PDA, computer connection transfer data
At room temperature, the number of each battery pack can reach more than 3000 times.
Precise calculation of measured data values, which can measure the fast moving objects.

Two, product parameters:


Measuring range
Ranging error
Measuring frequency
Hertz (10 ~ 20 / min)

Receiving aperture
Aiming mirror field of view
Magnification of sight

Light source
YAG Laser Type
Working temperature
Environmental adaptation
Dust proof, waterproof, anti earthquake
Product size
Product we

Product Specifications

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