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1mm2 BV Copper Wire

1mm2 BV Copper Wire

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  • 1mm2 BV Copper Wire
  • 1mm2 BV Copper Wire

Product Features

1mm2 BV Copper Wire

BV 1 single-core single-strand national standard wire

BV 1 mm square single core wire:refers to the copper core cross-sectional area is 1 square millimeter, copper core diameter is 1.13 mm.Home decoration 1 mm square single core wire used for lighting lines.There are many colors, according to the need to match.The lighting line is composed of two colors, that is phase line and zero line.Habitually "phase line" is red, "zero line" is blue.

Recommended scope: used for the laying of lighting circuit.


Product name: 1 mm2 single-core wire

Model: BV

Standard code: GB/T5023.3

Nominal cross section: 1 mm2

Conductor structure: 1/1.38mm

Rated voltage: 450/750V

Packing length: 100m


1. safe and durable

High-end cable, high quality, warranty for 50 years.

2. High purity copper

99.99% imports of oxygen-free copper, anti-aging, high conductivity, significantly reduce the line loss.

3. Environmental protection plastics

High-strength plastic insulation, new materials easy to heat, reduce resistance, fire waterproof and no leakage.

Gongyi Cable Wire Co., Ltd. is a professional cable and wire manufacturer in China, mainly supply House Electric Wire, Insulated Overhead Cable, PVC Control Cables,XLPE Power Cables,BV Electric Wires,Buried Cable,High Voltage Cable,House Electric Wire,Civil Wire And Cable etc. series of wire and cable products, sincerely welcome everyone to visit.

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