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High-Speed Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

High-Speed Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Business Information

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  • High-Speed Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine
  • High-Speed Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

Product Features

1. The machine parts control: centralized panel control, simple operation.
2. Using microcomputer automatic control of tension, meter, correction, etc., with photoelectric tracking, automatic correction, speed control, automatic length and other excellent performance.
3. Three-stage length setting: three-section length count to ensure accurate coiling length.
4. Automatic exchange axis: After the winding operation is completed, the two-axis automatic exchange, simple operation, high efficiency.
5. The use of arched wheel: Unfolding wheel for the unique arch design. Remove the wrinkles during the unwinding or feeding process.
6. Pneumatic brake: stop, you can instantly stop the tape, positioning accuracy, accurate labeling.
7. It has a reasonable structure, easy operation, reliable performance and so on.

Product uses:
It is suitable for the longitudinal slitting of various plastic film, cellophane, paper and other reel materials, and it is the ideal equipment in the packaging machinery.

Slitting Machine Attachment:
Muffler: eliminate or reduce the slitting machine running dry sound, both to meet environmental requirements, but also to avoid the machine running to others.
Automatic feeding device: to increase the performance, the slitter can automatically cut the waste slitter, the machine clean, tidy, save labor, automatic waste into the volume, you can cut again for the finished product, reduce production costs.
Automatic feeding device: the function of the device Slitter, the workers only need to roll film on the device, the machine will automatically install the film on the machine, do not need to manually move to the machine above the installation, mode. Improve the safety of workers, while saving time and effort.
Defoaming device: you can eliminate the machine in the cut when the bubble, so that the cutting out of the finished product neat bubble-free, so that the finished product is more beautiful tape.

Product Specifications

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