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Hot-dip Zinc Plating Barbed Wire

Hot-dip Zinc Plating Barbed Wire

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  • Hot-dip Zinc Plating Barbed Wire

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Galvanized Barbed Wire
Concertina Razor Wire introduction
Concertina Razor wire is manufactured using a central strand of high tension wire, around which sharp barbs are taped and crimped by a machine. The wire is exceedingly difficult to cut using hand tools. While the barbs have a piercing and gripping action, reinforced steel makes it very hard to bend.

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1. Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.
2. General Use: Barbed wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway, etc.

Berbed Wire Specification
Barbed Wire Specification
Type Wire Gauge (SWG) Barb Distance (cm) Barb Length (cm)

PVC PE coating thickness: 0.4mm-0.6mm; different colors or length are available at customers request.
Concertina Razor Wire Uses
Concertina Razor wire is used to top security fences. An individual attempting to get into or out of a secured area will have difficulties in getting through without adequate tools. On the other hand, barbed wire is usually used to restrain cattle and as inexpensive fencing.

Concertina Razor wire has been used by the military over the barbed wire in the recent past as the former is slightly lighter for the same effective coverage and occupies less space in storage. Compared to barbed wire, a razor wire can be more injurious and hard to pass. Instances where cattle and people have toppled over barbed wire have been common. It is very difficult to get across a razor wire without being seriously cut.


Concertina Razor Wire Installation
Installation of a razor wire needs a little pr

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