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KD2571T Grounding impedance measuring

KD2571T Grounding impedance measuring

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  • Made In : unknown
  • KD2571T Grounding impedance measuring
  • KD2571T Grounding impedance measuring
  • KD2571T Grounding impedance measuring

Product Features

Suitable for power plant, power grid substation, as well as high-speed rail, general electric railway.Product characteristics
1 national innovation fund to support the project, by the Chengdu Railway Bureau of scientific and technological achievements;
2 exclusive use of reverse phase incremental test technology, the attenuation of the interference current can be up to 2000 times, 200A interference current is only present as the residual interference current 0.1A;
3 can display the current pole, voltage pole auxiliary grounding resistance, and open circuit alarm function;
4 real-time display of impedance parameters, including the grounding resistance, impedance, reactance value, can be measured in real time to display the interference voltage, current;
5.240X128 dot matrix LCD screen, friendly interface, prompt and clear, easy to operate;
6 can store 256 sets of data, with a micro printer can be directly printed, or through USB or Bluetooth to upload data to the computer;
7 and voltage of KD2293 of grounding grid table with, in the measurement step voltage and the contact voltage, potential gradient and other projects as test current source.
Product name
Geodetic network grounding resistance tester, grounding resistance measuring instrument, grounding resistance tester, geodetic network tester

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