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smd lead free reflow oven soldeirng machine

smd lead free reflow oven soldeirng machine

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  • Made In : unknown
  • smd lead free reflow oven soldeirng machine
  • smd lead free reflow oven soldeirng machine
  • smd lead free reflow oven soldeirng machine

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Model Jaguar A8
Outside dimension 4200*700*1320mm
Standard color computer grey
Weight 800KG
Number of heating zones up8/bottom 8
Number of cooling zones 1
Length of heating zones 2800mm
Electric supply required 5 line 3?phase 380V 50/60 HZ
Warming time Approx. 20 mins
Heating time Up:hot air; bottom: IR
Temperature setting range Room temp. -350 Degrees Celsius
Control system PID+SSR/PLC+PC
Temperature control method PID Close loop control&SSR Driving
Temperature control precision ±1.0 Degrees Celsius
Temperature deviation on PCB ±2.0 Degrees Celsius
Data storage Process data and status storage(80 GB)
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temp.(extra-high/extra -low temperature)
Board dropped alarm Tower light:yellow-warming;green-normal;red-abnormal
Max. Width of pcb 320mm
Conveyor height 880±20mm
Conveyor direction L-R/R-L
Conveyor speed range 0-1500mm
Pcb transmission agent Mesh
Normal power 5.5KW
Start-up power 24KW

1. Heating system adopts Lead smt Patent Heating technology.
2. Hot air no-contact output supported by imported large current solid-state relay, safe and reliable, meanwhile equipped with special SSR radiator, greatly improve the cooling efficiency, enjoy loner lifetime of the machine.
3. Heating devices used high quality components; ensure the whole system goes smoothly.
4. Combined with temperature controller PID fuzzy control function, has been monitoring the change of the ambient temperature and heat value ,with the minimum pulse control heating device ,?fast response, guarantee the temperature control precision ,minimize temperature distribution differences inside the oven ,the length direction of the temperature distribution accords to IPC STANDARDS .
5. Heating zone Module design, convenient for maintenance.

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