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Fiberglass Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge

Fiberglass Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge

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  • Fiberglass Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge

Product Features

YTGFL Series—Glass fiber liquid filter cartridge

Product Description

YTGF series filter adopts superfine glass fiber materials, with large pollutants holding capacity and the inherent adsorption ability, especially suitable for filtering with colloid, oils and high content of liquid with particulate matter. Made of super fine glass fiber, low starting pressure difference, high flow capacity, long service life, interception efficiency can reach above 98%.

Performance features
limited dissolved matter, high adsorption effect.

Environmental waste water filtration, ink filtration, oil field water injection filtration, wine, soft drinks filtration
Technical parameter

Filter cartridge structure Filter area 0.6㎡
Filter membrane Glass fiber
Guide layer Imported Nonwoven
Inner support、cap、shell PP, stainless steel
Seal ring material Silicone rubber、Viton、EPDM、PTFE
Outer diameter 50mm、68mm
Working situation Working temperature ?90℃
Maximum working pressure difference(Forward direction) 0.4Mpa/23℃

Product Specifications

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