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powdered activated carbon price

powdered activated carbon price

Business Information

  • Price : $600 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : ,,,,,,,,,,,,SGS,
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 1. 25kg or 20kg each bag,Packed in plastic woven bags, 2. According to customer's requirements.
  • Supply Capability : 2000 Ton/Tons per Month
  • Delivery Time : 7
  • powdered activated carbon price

Product Features

The use of powdered activated carbon mainly in two forms mainly: 1. activated carbon fiber cloth, 2. activated carbon particles
The main function of the activated carbon filter layer is to absorb organic gas, odor and toxic dust,
It is not only used to filter dust, but also to filter fine dust. It is mainly made of superfine fiber and static filter cloth
That is what we usually call "non-woven fabrics" and "melt blown fabrics" in combination
These materials in one, with anti-virus and dustproof double effect, so basically do not doubt the active carbon mask, anti - dust efficacy
The above values are generally standardized. As a result of the removal of powdered activated carbon can vary with the type of activated carbon, etc., after all, according to the test and other resolutions, the share of activated carbon.







粉末活性炭处理饮用水技术要点:将粉末状活性炭直接加入待处理的原水中。这是为了尽可能延长粉末活性炭和目标材料之间的触摸时间,并 提高触摸效率,还可以提高去除功能。从目标材料中除去的粉状活性炭通过凝集,沉淀和砂过滤处理,并用悬浮物除去水中。作为渠道维护政策,粉状活性炭(绝对干碳)的使用应由以下要素决定。

水气味和臭味处理措施,粉末状碳气异味,当5,25mg / L;

去除三卤甲烷前体时,为30〜100mg / L;

去除苯酚时为10 1 100mg / L;



Product Specifications

Place of Origin: Ningxia, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: huiheng
Model Number: HH-AC03
material: coconut
color: black
application: water treatment ,air purification,gold extraction
particle size: 1-800mesh
iodine value: 900-1250
moisture: under 10
ash content: under 5
specific area: 950-1200
Certification: SGS

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