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Non-Negative Pressure  Water Supply Equipment 130-124-3

Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment 130-124-3

Business Information

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  • Non-Negative Pressure  Water Supply Equipment 130-124-3

Product Features

Item No:GLWG130-124-3
The pressure of water supply net can be kept constant water pressure. The whole water supply system can be at best effective, energy saving, perfect status.
The net of water from company to users is a closed clean system,prevent the pollution.
Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment consists of four parts:
Vertical stainless steel multistage pump
Frequency converter and pressure sensor.
Water tank.
A series pipeline,valve flexible joints and base
Product Advantages:
Efficient and energy-save
The pumpset system automatically adjust the pump speed and the operation quantity, make the pumpset always operate efficiently, evident energy-save performace.
Stable water supply pressure
Work pressure be set up according to our need,the pumpset system take closed loop control, automatically adjust the difference between actual pressure and set pressure, to ensure the pumpset system pressure stable.
High automation, operation simple and convenient
Take the Programmable controller control, do not need human work
Perfect protection
Short circuit, lack of phase, over current, over voltage, out of speed
Prolong the pump motor lifespan
The multi-pumpset loop frequency conversion and soft start, avoid the strong current attacking the power grid, eliminate water hammereffect, First turn on first turn off, first switch on first switch off, change the pump regularly, to make the pump work.
Reduce pollution and work
It doesn’t need the high water tank and tower equipment, which avoid the second pollution, meanwhile, iy avoid that regularly clear the high water tank.
Save cost, shorten work time
Compact structure, small space, save-investment, short engineering period
Automatic inspection function
Double constant pressure water supply
All kinds of communication interface
Widely Application
1 Used for water plant and booster pump station
2 Used for water supply of residential area, hotel, restauran

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