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Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid

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Product Features

SleepBank is a patented and exclusive SFT (Sleep Frequency Technology) chip researched and developed
by the Ph.D. team over the course of many years. The chip generates a 2m×2m natural frequency magnetic
field that reduces the influence of high frequency radio waves. You will feel as if you are living in a natural field
that makes your body relaxed, slows down your brain wave to prolong your in-depth sleep, and improve sleep
When your body feels tired or exhausted, it needs food or water to refuel. The aura of the body that cannot be
seen also needs nurturing. The resonance generated by the SleepBank and your body can eliminate the negative
energy accumulated during the day, allowing yourself to be relaxed and repaired.

The Sleep Frequency Technology generates an extremely low frequency, creating a three-dimensional magneticfield.
Through the sleeping process you promote the body's natural repair mechanism.

Sleep chip's three major principles

‧ SFT deep sleep frequency technology induces relaxation, and eases chaotic state of mind so you can feel a deep state of sleep!
‧ Harmonic resonance with Schumann resonance frequency – Purify the environment and initiate the protective mask.

‧ Analog North and South Magnetic Field – Help the body to restore the natural balance







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