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Changzhou Golden Moon Fabric Factory Co.,LTD
  • Target Markets: Changzhou Golden Moon Fabric Factory Co.,LTD. is responsible for Artificial Grass trade on abroad. The enterprise is influential, our factory occupies an area of 50000 square meters, among which the total building area is 20000 square meters. The factory has introduced more than 20 sets world top-class equipment from Switzerland, Japan, USA, Germany etc, specializing in the production and development of base cloth, artificial grass fiber and artificial grass.
  • Business Type: Direct sales,Exporter,Manufacturer,Retailer
  • Established date: 1986
Selection of Golden Moon Lawn in Kindergarten

Selection of Golden Moon Lawn in Kindergarten

Business Information

  • Price : $59 USD
  • Min. Order : 10
  • Certificate : CE,
  • FOB Port : 69
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : express
  • Delivery Time : 30
  • Selection of Golden Moon Lawn in Kindergarten

Product Features

  Golden Moon has introduced advanced production equipment to manufacture artificial turf while complying with environmental protection standards. We promise the best service and create an environmentally friendly life with you together.

  The lawn commonly used in kindergartens can be divided into the following categories according to the height of the artificial turf in the kindergarten:

  1.The height of the manmade lawn in kindergarten is 8mm-10mm, the grass silk shape of this kind of lawn has two kinds of net silk and curly silk.Look from the appearance, the lawn of curly silk is more smooth, density is bigger, similar to carpet, advantage is density is big, not easy to expose bottom.The density corresponding to the 10mm height of the artificial turf in the netting kindergarten can be adjusted by itself.The commonly used density of at least 50,000 clusters, so as to ensure the athletic performance of the site.If only for temporary activities or daily decoration, you can choose a lower cost lawn.

  2.The height of artificial turf in kindergarten is 25mm-32mm, and the height of 10mm-25mm is moderate.Because the kindergarten artificial turf too high will easily hold back the child, uses the most 25mm net silk grass or the simulation artificial turf.Mesh lawn is low cost and wear-resistant.This lawn can be filled or not filled.If the elasticity of the site is required, it is recommended that quartz sand be used as a filler.The artificial turf is one of the advanced artificial turfs.The color is generally not too different from the real grass, can be used as a leisure green artificial turf decoration, can also have a certain sports performance.

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