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chengdu smile trading co.LTD
  • Target Markets: The company after years of development, and a number of well-known domestic textile enterprises and handicraft production enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation, low production costs, good quality, strong production capacity, all orders can be timely and effective guarantee
  • Business Type: Exporter,Buying agent,Importer
  • Established date: 2015.0906
bamboo face cloth

bamboo face cloth

Business Information

  • Price : $25 USD
  • Min. Order : 100pcs
  • Certificate : CE,,,,,,,,,CSA,,,SGS,
  • FOB Port : shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 1pc/poly bag 100pcs/carton
  • Supply Capability : we can service comfortably,please trust us
  • Delivery Time : within15 days get 50% handsle
  • bamboo face cloth
  • bamboo face cloth

Product Features

1、More comfortable than the cotton towel feel, more soft, silky smooth
2、 more beautiful than ordinary towel color, lasting unchanged.
3、 unique natural anti-bacterial function, beauty care effect.
4、 the water absorption is 1.5 times the cotton towel, good ventilation and easy to clean.
5、not knot, not hard, there will be sticky slip phenomenon.
6、pure natural, green, cotton towel is the ideal replacement products.

Bamboo fiber towel three prominent advantages:
(1) Health (environmental)
Bamboo fiber towel in the course of the use will not appear dry and wet, mildew and other bad phenomenon, its water absorption and permeability is 1.5 times the cotton towel. Its soft touch, long time will not use hardened board. And there is a strong ability to remove oil, no detergent, water rinse can remove the smell, self-cleaning ability.
(2) save money (economy)
People do personal hygiene, and then no chemical related products, the service life than the average towel 1-2 times longer than the wood and other fiber towels 2-4 times.
(3) save time (save time)
With bamboo fiber towels to do personal hygiene can be in one step, less a chemical method to dirt. Do family health, do not hurt the surface of the object, no water drops and fine hair.

Product Specifications

bamboo face cloth:
Size: 34*76cm
Weight: 120g/pc

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