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ntc thermistor temperature sensor

ntc thermistor temperature sensor

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  • ntc thermistor temperature sensor
  • ntc thermistor temperature sensor
  • ntc thermistor temperature sensor
  • ntc thermistor temperature sensor
  • ntc thermistor temperature sensor

Product Features

Temperature sensor is temperature measurement and temperature control device, commonly used to measure the resistance of the temperature: Thermistor and thermocouple, resistive through a variety of processes and components, sealing into a variety of sensors, a wide variety. Making the thermistor (NTC, PTC) industrial applications more widely.
In Ya Xun, we have advanced CNC machining centers, can be customized in different shapes metal sensor probe. When my company received your product technical requirements, our technical staff will further communicate with you product appearance size, for your quick proofing test, to meet the product design requirements, for your product quickly to the market to win the initiative.
Temperature sensor is a thermistor, probe group (joint), sealing technology, extended lead, and the terminal connector combination. Please click to view the different probe temperature sensor.

NTC thermistor is a metal oxide for the full mixing, molding, sintering made of semiconductor ceramic resistors, the main materials are manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, zinc and other metal elements, a thermistor having a negative temperature coefficient, the temperature rises the resistance decreases exponentially.
In Ya Xun, continuous improvement of transistor technology, thermistor research has made significant progress. NTC thermistor is widely used in temperature measurement, temperature control, temperature compensation and so on.
In order to facilitate the installation and application of customers, NTC thermistor has a different package: SMD seal, Glass sealed diode, epoxy resin, single-ended glass seal, SMD glass seal, enameled wire.

Product Specifications

PTC Thermistor
PTC thermistor to BaTiO3 or SrTiO3 or PbTiO3 as the main component, the addition of Mn, Fe, Cu, Cr oxides can increase the positive resistance temperature coefficient, using the general ceramic process high temperature sintering, thereby obtaining a thermistor having a positive temperature characteristic.
Choosing the right metal elements is critical to product functionality. PTC thermistor in the industry can be used as temperature measurement and control, but also for the motor motor temperature detection and regulation, and a large number for civilian appliances. Ya Xun developed products widely used in instantaneous water boilers, air conditioners and cold storage temperature control. The use of its own heating function, can be used as gas analysis and wind speed measurement and other functions.
PTCR thermistor is a mixture of different metal elements, our team will make the most rational recommendations based on product characteristics. The most suitable product to meet your product requirements. Such as: automatic degaussing, delay start, constant temperature heating, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, sensor PTCR resistance.

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