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Sail CNC Engraving Diamond Drills

Sail CNC Engraving Diamond Drills

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  • Sail CNC Engraving Diamond Drills

Product Features

Single sand surface trimming grinding head, Single sand surface grinding head is a trim surface, then trimming tool.

The advantages of this grinding head are:
1) higher processing accuracy
2) higher processing quality
3) higher processing life
4) masonry powder can be fine to 7000 head.

Our company has advanced equipment and high-quality personnel, according to your request to produce products that meet your requirements, allowing you at least the cost of precision machining with high precision, longer life, more efficient processing of products , Companies to "break the monopoly of technology, and gradually replace imports" for the purpose of high-tech professionals, the use of modern management methods, professional semiconductor and optical glass for the industry to provide comprehensive high-end customers solutions. The company's CNC grinding head has been widely used in the semiconductor industry, precision machining.

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