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Acrylic shower room retaining strips

Acrylic shower room retaining strips

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  • Acrylic shower room retaining strips
  • Acrylic shower room retaining strips

Product Features

At present, the most common retaining strips on the market are mainly plastic material (PVC) retaining strips, artificial stone retaining strips, marble retaining strips, granite retaining strips and natural stone retaining strips.
Foshan Qu Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. has independently researched and developed a new retaining strip: acrylic retaining strip. It is very strong and durable, the weight is just 3.6kg per meter, the width and height is 7 cm * 6 cm. Different color is available:white, black, white gold sand, black gold sand, broken porcelain, imitation marble. It is your best choice to install shower room!
Just for your information, Marble water retaining strip is made of three straight marble glued together, the advantage is high hardness, the disadvantage is that the paste for a long time will be cracked from the seams, the water will come from the cracks; artificial stone is made by sand and resin through cross-pressure forming, the advantage of integrity is good, there will be no crack problems, the disadvantage is more brittle; the acrylic retaining strip has high hardness, good toughness and plasticity, it is overall molding, it won’t be any problem for normal use of 70 years.

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